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KaiserBeats's News

Posted by KaiserBeats - November 29th, 2022

Hey guys, My name is KaiserBeats! of course you probably already know this by now, but I have finally decided to go back to NewGrounds with a new face and new art to share from my Twitter (Including ones that are NSFW, yes i draw booba now, Thats expected!)

Reason for my long abscence on Newgrounds because I was on a long hiatus on trying to improve my art and becoming a better person, I have a discord and i've made plenty of new friends! (& enemies since i have caused trouble for accidents that i have caused)

for those who followed me back in 2018 and back, I've been uploading songs on my YouTube Channel since and i plan to drop some of those here as well, so expect that to come as well, Anyways, I wish you all a happy 2022 even though its been alot of incidents this year, but here's hoping 2023 can be a better year for everyone!


Posted by KaiserBeats - May 10th, 2018

I am back from the dead to give the living some music arrangements and such!


anyways where do i begin *gasp*


The reason for the abscense on newgrounds was because i've been busy on youtube, but now because of youtube's new policies, I have no choice but to return to newgrounds because i noticed they don't mind about NSFW or bordeline NSFW, unlike youtube which btw, demonetize your video the moment you shouted "PENIS!!!" for no rhyme or reason and the constant bickering drama between cringey fortnites and brown bricks (Minecrap)..


But besides the music, which btw, will be continuing to create here, I've been creating my indie game for quite sometime really, its still a work in progress, but i gotten a team and a video to prove it, but for the most part, my team and i are currently scattered because college or life stuff in general...

So, enough about long paragraphs, here is something to show off about my game project


Also, I will reupload my music i created on youtube and my soundcloud, incase those who weren't paying attention to my link section on my profile page, which by the way, will be updating...